April Friday Favorites

I know it’s May already but I wanted to do a quick round-up of some of my favorite things that I found this past month in April. I attempted back in February to do this one a month, but, well you know me and how that went haha! I didn’t exactly stay on the ball with that one but it was a good idea in theory. Anyway, so I ran across a lot of new things lately so I wanted to share them on here! Warning: yes it’s mostly food, what else would you expect from me! 🙂

1.Halo top ice cream

For the longest time I’ve seen people raving over Halo top but I could never find any near me. Well, that’s not quite true. I knew it was at Whole Foods but I wasn’t about to drop $6+ dollars on ice cream haha! Last weekend, though, I was dog sitting for a friend and was doing some grocery shopping to stock up on some food for the weekend. I was at not my usual grocery store when I stumbled across Halo top on sale! So of course I picked up a pint because I was curious as to what everyone was fussing about and you guys oh. my. GOODNESS. It was amazing! I got the chocolate chip cookie dough and couldn’t believe how it was lightened up ice  cream because it tasted as good if not better than regular ice cream. I’m in love and if this was at my regular grocery stores then my wallet would be in trouble!

2. Ancient Harvest POW pasta

Speaking of stocking up at my atypical grocery store, I finally tracked down this pasta. My friend had told me about it recently and I really wanted to be able to find it. There are different kinds but they’re all made out of beans. I picked up a black bean one, red lentil, and green lentil kind. I had the red lentil with dinner over the weekend and loved it! It’s also great because they’re gluten-free so Amanda can have them, too, as well as being non-GMO and organic.

3. Avocado toast

I have always loved avocado toast but it’s one of those things where I eat it for awhile, stop for some reason, and then forget about it. Then, I remember and get hooked all over again! When I was grocery shopping I got a sudden craving for it so I picked up some avocados and this really good gluten-free bread that I like (it’s tapioca based). I’m not necessarily gluten-free but since Amanda is I’ve had a lot of gluten-free foods and I actually prefer this bread because it makes great toast! To make the avocado toast, it’s super simple. While the bread is toasting, I mash up the avocado and just add some salt and pepper. It’s so delicious!

4. Dog or memes

These have been cracking me up! A good friend of mine and I have been swapping these back and forth whenever we find them because we love them. It all started out originally with a sloth or chocolate croissant but then we found all the dog ones haha! These are just a couple of my favorites. I know they’re ridiculous and other people might not find them funny but we both love them!

5. Nutella granola

The lovely Rachael over at The Simple Life surprised me with a package of goodies a couple weeks ago. She is the absolute sweetest and I’m blessed to call her a friend! In the package was Nutella granola, and yes it tastes just as amazing as it sounds. I had a thoroughly enjoyable couple weeks putting this on everything I could think of! My favorite, though, was to top off my granola with it. It’s so crunchy, flavorful, and most importantly full of Nutella. Head over to Rachael’s blog for the recipe! I promise you you won’t be able to stop eating it!

So that’s it for my favorites from the month of April! What are some of your favorites lately? I’d love to hear about them!

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