Battleropes HIIT

Happy Monday everyone! Today I have for you guys a HIIT workout that doesn’t require any kind of plyometric work for those who might have bad lower body joints, injuries, or just general areas of pain. My favorite way to get in some interval training with minimal lower body work is using the battleropes (if they’re available at your gym).

There are 4 different movements that I like best for the battleropes. The first is just simply alternating the arms as quickly as you can in a wave motion. Second, using both arms at the same time you slam the ropes down as hard as you can and as fast as you can. Third, making large counterclockwise circles, and the fourth is large clockwise circles. I usually do a mix of all four per workout but even if you just do one version I promise your arms will be on fire either way!

The best thing about battleropes? You don’t need much time for them to be effective! I keep sessions shorter, around 10-15 minutes just because of overall how taxing of an exercise it is on the body. In a good way!

So here’s the general format of the workout:
20 seconds on, 20 seconds off
*repeat for as many times as possible! And you can switch it up and do a variety of the 4 exercises or keep it simple with just one. The slams are a personal favorite of mine to get out some stress haha!

You can also try bumping it up to 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off depending on how challenging you want the workout to be. I’d say no more than 30 seconds on because the goal is to be going as hard as possible and I find that going longer can affect the quality and you don’t want to get sloppy.

But there you have it! Simple yet effective and a good way to make your arms want to fall off. There’s a ton more that you can do with the battleropes by involving more moves and stuff like that (which I can get into at another time) but these four exercises are a great base to start with.

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