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Goals for 2017

I debated on whether or not I wanted to do a post about my goals for this coming year but I’ve really enjoyed reading others’ and decided to do one myself! The thing is I’ve learned that my plans and God’s plans are usually MUCH different haha so I’m always hesitant to set concrete goals and plans! For instance, this time two years ago I thought I’d be graduating in May 2017 with my Master’s degree but instead I’m now in a completely different field. And 10000% happier. It just goes to show you never can truly plan life out to a T. However, this does NOT mean I never work towards anything or don’t have any goals in mind to work on. I just never really have that specific of a layout of when they’ll happen because like I said it always works out a little differently than I imagined.

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Calculating Volume

I’m the type of person that meticulously tracks their workouts. I do this for one of two reasons: a) to make sure I’m challenging myself more each week and b) to control for volume. I’m a big believer in tracking your volume for each workout because it’s one of the first things you can tweak if you’re not seeing the results you want. For example, say you really want to grow your glutes but feel as though you can’t ever seem to do it. If you were my client the first thing I would do is to check your calories (you’d want to be in a slight surplus) and I would also check your volume. Our muscles work under the principle of progressive overload which is a fancy way of saying that if you don’t challenge your muscles, you won’t change them.

The human body is amazingly smart and amazingly adaptable. This adaptive ease can be both a blessing and a curse. Mostly a curse when you want it to change (a.k.a. weight loss or muscle growth) because your body can adapt almost as quickly as you can blink an eye. That’s a slight exaggeration but I’m sure most of you understand the frustration when it feels that way haha!

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There’s Nothing to Feel Guilty About

It’s the second day after Christmas, the fourth day of Hanukkah, the start of Kwanzaa, four days before New Year’s, and people are starting to panic. It’s the holidays, which can be a mixture of joy and dread. Joy at seeing family, friends, and other loved ones but also dread at all the extra treats and fear of weight gain. I’m back to work this week and the gym is packed full at all hours. People kept stopping in to talk to me and joke around how they have to work everything off, start some drastic changes, or whatever they think they need to do to make up for the past few weeks.

But the thing is there is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. If there’s one thing I want to impress upon people is that food does not need earned, deserved, or have any similar feelings attached. If you woke up yesterday feeling bloated after a big Christmas dinner then chances are it’s just water weight. Even if you don’t feel back to normal today don’t worry it will work itself out. People panic when they get on the scale and see they’ve gained five pounds but please listen to me when I say that doesn’t happen overnight. I always recommend to people that they actually don’t weigh themselves in order to avoid the mind games.

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The Simple Life: Christmas Puppy Chow

This morning I wanted to share a recipe with you guys from my dear friend Rachael over at The Simple Life. She did a post awhile back for Christmas Puppy Chow and let me tell you it’s DELICIOUS! Rachael was sweet enough to send me a care package for Christmas that included this puppy chow and I’m trying to convince her that she should go into the puppy chow business. It also happened to be gluten-free which meant Amanda was able to enjoy it, too.

I know it’s after Christmas but this puppy chow is too incredible to only be made around the holidays! I’ve shared Rachael’s post below but you can also check out all of her other amazing recipes here 🙂

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Shared Post: The Days of Advent

Good morning everyone! Now, I have a very special post to share today because a) I happen to know the writer very, very well and b) it makes me one proud sister! My sister Amanda has been writing every day during Advent on her blog which to me is in itself impressive since you all know blogging on a consistent basis is NOT one of my strong points 🙂 but her heart for Jesus shines through her writing as well.

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