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Crockpot Vegetable Pesto Soup

Crockpot recipes are my absolute favorite as it’s easy, simple, and very hands off. I just throw all the ingredients into the crock pot and leave it sit for a few hours. I swear something magical happens in the crock pot because the taste is always so much better than if I were to make it in a giant pot on the stove!

I decided to make my own version of pesto vegetable soup because that’s my favorite soup to get from Panera. I wouldn’t call it a copy-cat because I didn’t model it to taste exactly like the one you would find at Panera. I wanted to make my own homemade version and not to boast or anything, but I prefer this batch to Panera’s đŸ™‚

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Training Your Dog to Run With You

I figured it was about time I got this post up! I’ve gotten a lot of questions before about Layla running with me and now that we’re transitioning in to our winter running schedule, I wanted to post some general information about how I trained her.  So hopefully if you’re reading this post, you already read my last one and did all your research about whether or not your dog likes running.

Now, let’s move on to the fun part: training! I’m happy to say that even though she had to take several months off running (I had an injury and this summer was wayyy too hot!), Layla has remembered all of the training I taught her! #ProudMomMoment hehe

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How To Track During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again. Lots of parties and gatherings with family and friends. Whether it’s a work holiday party, friendsgiving, visiting family, etc. there always seems to be an event to go to and there always seems to be tons of delicious foods to eat. So inevitably weight gain can be a result and people begin to stress over it.

One of the most common questions becomes how are you supposed to avoid this? How are you supposed to track food during the holidays? Well, I’m here to tell you how to do it.

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Random Catch-Up & 2 At-Home Workouts

Happy Thanksgiving-Eve everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I blogged (I feel like I say that alllll the time now) but it has been quite a crazy few past weeks. The new church I joined back in May keeps me pretty busy but I am not complaining at all! I’ve found a wonderful new community of people my own age and there are lots of events to go to as well as volunteering opportunities. It can still be a schedule adjustment at times so I’m trying to get better at time management because the time I used to have carved out for blogging is not available anymore. So basically I try to blog whenever I get a chance which doesn’t exactly work out haha! But I’m trying to get better at scheduling out some more time and actually sticking to it.

Anywhoooo, I thought I’d pop in with a little random catch-up of what I’ve been up to lately as well as share two workouts I did this week. We’ll start with last week which basically was spent either running around or actually running haha! My long runs have been going simply fantastic which I could not be more thrilled about as all my cross-training and nutrition have been paying off. I’ve actually been considering taking a course to become a running coach but I haven’t decided anything yet. But that is definitely an avenue I would be interested in pursuing for the future. For the time being, though, I’m sticking with nutrition coaching as well as designing custom training plans.

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Running with Your Pup

So I get some common comments and questions about how I take Layla running with me, and found it easiest to address them in a post on here rather than Instagram. I figured I’d have to split it up between posts of how I trained her but also another information about running with your dog in general. I’m going to start with the general one!

First thing first: whether or not you want your dog to run with you is irrelevant.

The number one thing is, does your dog want to go running with you? If the answer is no, please don’t force them!

Layla 100% really and truly loves running with me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t make her! If you don’t enjoy a certain type of exercise you don’t do it, right? So why would you expect your dog to do something they don’t enjoy?

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