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How to Make the Best out of a Short Workout

So we all know that there are some days where our schedules can be jam packed, and there is little time for a workout. I’ll be honest that can happen a lot to me and I’ll usually either shuffle my days around or fit in a quick workout that gives me the most benefits. Or I will literally just opt for an extra rest day. I know that almost seems #fitspo taboo but really and truly yes fitness is a wonderful part of my life but it is not my life.

There are times, though, that I actually want to fit in a quick workout instead of taking the rest day because I do love working out and look forward to my workouts. Over the past couple of years while lifting I have figured out the best way to get the most benefits out of a short workout. So I figured I would pass along some tips!

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2 Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies

I don’t even remember when or how I found this recipe, all I know is I got it off Pinterest years ago but it remains one of my go-to favorites! I also have no idea who to give the credit to because so many people claim this recipe as theirs but all I’m saying is I was not the genius mastermind behind these cookies. It’s only 2 ingredients, extremely macro-friendly, and easy to make! So win-win-win.

You just need ripe bananas and some oats! That’s it!

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A Little Mix of Everything Circuit

I was in the mood this morning for a total body-type circuit, and since I’m cleared to try whatever now that’s just what I did! I woke up feeling great with no hip pain after my deadlifts yesterday, which is an amazing sign! My whole body was sore haha but #worthit. That officially means squats and deadlifts are back on the menu!

But I didn’t feel like heading to the gym so I threw together a quick workout before my hill sprints session. As I’m getting more into lifting, I’m scaling back my cardio (since all I could do before was run) so a helpful way to do that is condense it into a HIIT session. Call me crazy but I do love getting in a good session of hill sprints, it’s my favorite form of HIIT! So I usually do them about once a week simply because I love them. We’ll see tomorrow if my hip agrees ha!

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Deadlift Tips

So it’s no secret that deadlifts are my FAVORITE exercise of all time. If I could just deadlift every day I would be happy! Squats definitely hold second place for my favorite lift but I just stinkin’ love deadlifting. All day err day.

As they’re my favorite lift, I have spent a lot of time deadlifting, researching them, and perfecting my form. Still not perfect but it’s gotten so much better compared to this time last year and consequently I am able to pull much more weight. Now, I’ve taken a huge setback from my recent hip injury but I was able to pull 135lbs for 5 sets of 5 today and that was my first time deadlifting in 12 weeks (who’s counting though, right??). So I’m pretty pleased with the strength retention in my lower body but at the same time can’t say I’m surprised. I struggle to do more than 3 push-ups now as my upper body strength went out the window but my lower body has held on well! Thank you genetics.

Anyway, before my injury I went from pulling 115lbs to 215lbs in only a few months so I had gotten some questions about deadlifts! I did a post similar to this one on my old blog but I added in some things as I’ve learned some stuff since then.

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Beltsander Brownie

So this brownie has been the rage over the fitness internet for I don’t even know how long, and it all started with TheBeltsander on Instagram. I had been meaning to try it for ages and never got around to it, but I finally did! And I was missing out! I can see why everyone is going crazy over this little concoction.

If you’re looking for a sweet tooth fix that is easy on macros then this is definitely a great dessert. Although, I generally top mine with lots of peanut butter and ice cream which sort of cancels that out haha! But, hey, that’s what macros are for #balance 😉

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