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Breaking Through Weightloss Plateaus

One of the most frustratingly inevitable things during the weight loss process is hitting a plateau. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of when. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever known anyone to not hit a plateau at one point when they are trying to lose weight. It’s a natural response of the body but a right pain in the butt and an easy way to get discouraged.

There are a couple ways that you can hopefully avoid a major plateau as well as some things you can do while in a plateau to break through it. The first thing I always, always tell people is DO NOT cut too hard at first. Start off gradually by slowly cutting your calories or adding in more exercise. The main priority is to try to eat as much as possible while still losing weight because you want to conserve your metabolism at all costs. If you’re eating close to 3000 calories a day and then suddenly drop to 1200 your body is not gonna be happy about it. Sure, you might drop weight right away but after a month or so you’re going to start feeling burned out and your body is going to adapt to your new intake of 1200. This means you either have to increase your exercise (which won’t be fun on such low calories because you’ll have less energy) or cut your food which again won’t be fun because you’re not eating very much to begin with. However, if you cut at say 2700 calories as well as the calories from exercise factored in, you have a much bigger frame of calories to cut from once you hit that plateau. You may only have to drop to 2500 without increasing cardio so you’re still sitting pretty at a nice and high caloric intake.

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What to Eat Postworkout

This is a highly debated topic in the fitness world and honestly I will say that the answer I’m about to give is not generally the one people think of. I would say that this is at least the top five common questions that I get from people because there is such confusion about what you’re supposed to eat post-workout.

Hint: it’s not protein. Before you stop reading and think that I’ve lost my mind or all credibility because in the fitness industry everyone seems to insist you need to chug mega-manly-protein-power-of-Zeus, know that it’s not all protein. Sure, protein has its place in a post-workout meal but let’s just say it should not be the star.

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What to do when You’re Not Feeling Motivated

I often get asked how I stay motivated because at this point I’m years deep into my fitness lifestyle. I picked running back up again six years ago and started lifting three years ago, and have been doing both consistently ever since. The main thing I tell everyone is that first and foremost– I love it. I picked something that I love and that is the key for making a permanent change. If I was doing something I hated, I sure as heck would struggle to find the motivation to keep going. For example, I hate the elliptical. We have never been friends and if you told me that I had to do 30 minutes, even 15 minutes, on that thing every day I’d lose motivation quicker than my phone (I’m always leaving it somewhere haha!). But I know of other people who absolutely love it and they hate running. The same thing won’t work for everyone so find what YOU like to do!

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Safety PSA to My Fellow Runners

Today I wanted to address something for my fellow runners out as well as anyone who is often active outdoors. I was unaware of this emergency feature on phones and sadly I found out about it through the death of a family friend. I mentioned previously about how my cousin’s best friend was killed almost two months ago now while she was out on a run. She only had her phone and it was locked. Which meant she went unidentified for hours. By the time her family got to the hospital, she was already dead.

The only reason the police were able to identify her is because after her mom’s texts went unanswered her older sister started calling her and the police answered. Other than that they had no information to go off of because she didn’t have any identification.

That’s where this emergency feature can come into play. Like I said I didn’t know about it and I’m the same way I only run with my phone and it’s usually locked. Unless I take Layla (her ID tag/microchip would suffice), I never have any identification on hand. It’s not something I think about because I live in a square mile town where traffic is quiet that you can usually run on the street and often have to because there isn’t always a sidewalk.

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Training Your Dog to Run With You

I figured it was about time I got this post up! I’ve gotten a lot of questions before about Layla running with me and now that we’re transitioning in to our winter running schedule, I wanted to post some general information about how I trained her.  So hopefully if you’re reading this post, you already read my last one and did all your research about whether or not your dog likes running.

Now, let’s move on to the fun part: training! I’m happy to say that even though she had to take several months off running (I had an injury and this summer was wayyy too hot!), Layla has remembered all of the training I taught her! #ProudMomMoment hehe

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