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Cardio Blast Upper Body Circuit

It has been waaayy too long since I got a post up, life has been hectic lately! I wanted to get at least something up on the blog so I decided to share my upper body workout from this past week. It’s a mix of some strength as well as a dash of HIIT for some extra cardio since I’m doing a small cut right now. I like doing workout this way because, well, I don’t like cardio haha! So it’s like a sneaky way for me to work some cardio in.

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March Workout of the Month: Upper Body

So I’ve decided to do something a little different this month where I share workout that’s a particular favorite of mine, and then continue on a monthly basis. I’m trying not to be biased and make sure I don’t do all leg workouts haha! But I’ve actually enjoyed this workout that I’m sharing today and surprisingly it’s upper body! I’ve liked it so much that this is the third week in a row that I’ve done it except I add in more reps or weight or both to account for an increase in volume. It was one of those workouts where I was inwardly cursing myself and wondering if I enjoy torturing myself haha! It’s a tough one but effective for sure.

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Failure Upper Body Workout

So as my lower back/hip is still injured I haven’t done any lifting really in about 8 weeks. Recently, though, I’ve been adding back in some upper body work but only certain moves that I know won’t aggravate my lower back. Most shoulder work and arm work is safe but I steer clear of any lifts that directly target my back. I’ve finally been cleared to run again, too, which is amazing news as I was starting to go kind of stir crazy because I could hardly even walk for long periods of time without aggravating the nerve. My physical therapist is wonderful, though, as he’s gotten me back on track and I’m incredibly grateful to have his guidance through this injury.

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Upper Body Circuit

Circuits are one of my favorite ways to workout because they’re great in a time crunch plus they enable you to work a lot of different muscles during a set. I specifically design mine so that you are hitting multiple muscle groups in each circuit. So here’s one of my upper body circuits that I did recently. I never do the same circuit workout twice but will switch around different exercises to keep things interesting!

12 inside curls
10 front raises
15 lying chest flyes
20 shoulder taps
15 upright rows
21 bicep curls (7 half reps @ top, 7 half reps @ bottom, 7 full reps)
15 hex press
20 rear delt flyes
10 push-ups

Complete the circuit for a total of 4 times through. I didn’t really rest between rounds and it took me a little over 30 minutes.