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Gluten-Free Single Serve Chocolate Chip Cookie

Happy Monday everyone! I finally got around to some baking this past weekend because I didn’t really have a choice to do much else. Amanda was nice enough to share her sickness with me so my Friday afternoon and evening plus all day Saturday were filled with Layla snuggles and Gilmore Girls re-runs on Netflix. Needless to say it was the perfect lazy weekend which was just further perfected by adding in some baking.

I wanted to make this recipe gluten-free because recently I’ve been trying to cut gluten out of my diet to experiment with some stuff. Not because I think it’s “unhealthy” or “bad for you” because honestly if you don’t have an issue with gluten then there’s no reason to cut it out of your diet. However, I’m trying to determine right now if I do so I’m experimenting. Since my sister Amanda has been gluten-free for a couple of years now, I try to make as many of my recipes gluten-free so she can enjoy them, too. So I was probably going to make this recipe gluten-free anyway haha!

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The Simple Life: Christmas Puppy Chow

This morning I wanted to share a recipe with you guys from my dear friend Rachael over at The Simple Life. She did a post awhile back for Christmas Puppy Chow and let me tell you it’s DELICIOUS! Rachael was sweet enough to send me a care package for Christmas that included this puppy chow and I’m trying to convince her that she should go into the puppy chow business. It also happened to be gluten-free which meant Amanda was able to enjoy it, too.

I know it’s after Christmas but this puppy chow is too incredible to only be made around the holidays! I’ve shared Rachael’s post below but you can also check out all of her other amazing recipes here 🙂

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Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

Alright ya’ll here’s an old favorite from my old site that I figured would be good to post on here! I got this idea from The Macro Experiment awhile ago, and decided to make a few tweaks. Side note: she has a TON of great recipes and I definitely recommend checking her out!

I’ve been cutting back on whey protein for awhile now because it doesn’t seem to agree with my stomach or my skin. So to get rid of the whey protein powder I decided to substitute the applesauce for greek yogurt for a protein boost. I had to up the coconut flour a bit since I made the swap and added in a dash of almond milk.

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2 Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies

I don’t even remember when or how I found this recipe, all I know is I got it off Pinterest years ago but it remains one of my go-to favorites! I also have no idea who to give the credit to because so many people claim this recipe as theirs but all I’m saying is I was not the genius mastermind behind these cookies. It’s only 2 ingredients, extremely macro-friendly, and easy to make! So win-win-win.

You just need ripe bananas and some oats! That’s it!

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Beltsander Brownie

So this brownie has been the rage over the fitness internet for I don’t even know how long, and it all started with TheBeltsander on Instagram. I had been meaning to try it for ages and never got around to it, but I finally did! And I was missing out! I can see why everyone is going crazy over this little concoction.

If you’re looking for a sweet tooth fix that is easy on macros then this is definitely a great dessert. Although, I generally top mine with lots of peanut butter and ice cream which sort of cancels that out haha! But, hey, that’s what macros are for #balance 😉

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