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How To Do An Intuitive Cut

I posted last week how I chose to do an intuitive cut this time around and got a couple questions of how to do this or how I’ve been implementing this. First off, I’d like to say that I’ve truly been doing this however works for me, and didn’t look up any particular ways to do a cut this way. So this is all just based off my personal experience! I will say though that I’m very happy with how things have been going lately.

The first thing is I’m still measuring everything. Even though I’m not tracking I still like to be conscious of portion sizes, and I’ve been doing this even since I deleted my tracking app back in the fall. I’ve always paid attention to portion sizes whether tracking or not. I think that’s where a lot of people can get tangled up because they don’t know what an actual serving size looks like. So my first piece of advice is to familiarize yourself with what 4oz of meat looks like, a cup of rice, or a serving of fruit. I bought a fairly inexpensive scale from Target awhile back and weigh out my food to help me learn about portion sizes. It didn’t take long before I could begin eyeballing what I needed, which helped a lot with going out to eat or other events where I didn’t have my measuring tools handy. It’s something that I recommend for everyone, to educate yourself about the amount of food you’re eating because you might be surprised by the true amount.

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Why I Chose An Intuitive Cut

I posted awhile back on Instagram on how I decided to do a small cut for my best friend’s wedding this year. I’m her maid of honor and my decision honestly wasn’t based on being in her wedding but I’ve been wanting to lean down a little so why not have a goal date? I figured it’d keep me on track to have a set date in mind. So I got my macros all calculated and got back to tracking for awhile, and things were working out smoothly.

I honestly am not trying to lose a huge amount of weight, maybe like 5-7lbs and it’s not even about the weight. If I didn’t lose a single pound but my muscles got a bit more defined then I’d be totally cool with that. It’s not about the numbers for me anymore, really and truly. I just want to lean out a bit in some areas for a couple different reasons. Personally, I’m curious to see what muscle I’ve managed to build recently and leaning out is one of the easiest ways to compare progress. I often go through cycles of building and then cutting to look at progress pictures of what I’ve managed to accomplish and improve on. I want to see what muscle base I’m currently working with and if there are any areas that I want to grow more. I’ve been absolutely thrilled with my upper body progress lately because it’s FINALLY coming in after over two years of putting in hard work. So that’s been really motivating and definitely one of the areas I want to work on more.

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Where to Start with Weight Loss

As a trainer, I see a lot of clients and consults week in and week out who are trying to figure out the best place to start with losing weight. It can be a daunting process because there is so much information circulating in the fitness world that you don’t always know what to believe in terms of what works and doesn’t work. People will come to me with dozens of questions but one of the most common ones is where do I start? They want to know what to eat, how often to work out, how much cardio to do, if there’s a secret, the list goes on.

I wish there was a secret but there isn’t. It boils down to simple math: less calories in than calories out. You have to be in a deficit. That can be accomplished through one of two ways: cutting food or increasing caloric expenditure through exercise (and it’s usually a combination of both of those).

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